Through the tunnel…

After realising that sticking the tunnel arch on the edge of the board would not look appealing I decided to make a three-dimensional tunnel using the inside and outside of the tunnel image from the ‘Skyscraper and tunnel’ painting, painted by Fortunato Depero. The result of it has a more positive appeal to it, nowContinue reading “Through the tunnel…”

Second layout completed

I have added a backdrop to this layout so it would appear that the protesters of protesting at something other than air. I’m please with the result and I may consider adding backdrops to the other pieces.

Gather around people!

To make this layout appear to have an economic crisis I have made personalised billboards out of cocktail sticks and cardboard.

Ice arch

Using the laser cutter I have cut out these shards piece with holes in to feed through led light. This is to give the perspex shard a glaze effect. The down side is there is not enough lights on this set of led so I need more light.

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